Bubble Football is a perfect way to celebrate a Birthday, start a Stag Do or to make any Special Occasion memorable!
Try It – or just come along and watch your mates playing it...

Lowest Price Guaranteed!
Simple Price Plan!
(We don't charge per person, only by the game)...

Check here to see where you can play with us. We cover a variety of venues in Herts, Middx, Cambs, Essex and North London...

We're available for all occasions, from Birthdays, School Fetes to Corporate Team Buildings. Contact Us now to book...

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Bubble Football Video London

FREE DELIVERY if your venue is within a 20 mile radius of Welwyn Garden City!
(We charge £1.00 per extra mile travelled outside a 20 mile radius of Welwyn Garden City).

Here are some of the areas where we offer Free Delivery:
Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield, Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth Garden City, Royston, Harpenden, St Albans, Luton, Hemel Hempstead, North London (Watford, Borehamwood, Barnet, Finchely), North West London (Wembley), East London (Newham, Chingford), Chelmsford, Cheshunt, Hertford, Ware, Bishop Stortford, Hertford, Leighton Buzzard

We're happy to travel for further away too - to check Delivery Fee
to your venue, please fill out our Enquiry Form.

For All Occasions

- Birthdays
- Team Building
- Corporate CSR
- Office Socials
- Stag Dos
- Hen Nights

- Tournaments
- Charity Events
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- School Fetes
- Special Occasions
- Many Other Occasions
We Can't Think Of Right Now...

What is It?

Bubble Football (also known as Zorb Football) is the most entertaining way
of playing Five-a-Side Football!!! Try It – or just watch your friends /colleagues
playing it – and for sure you’ll agree with us!
You came to the very best place to Play Bubble Football!!!

We inflate the Bubble Ball (Zorb Ball), You squeeze into one of them.
(There will be a harness inside the Bubble Ball holding you securely).
Your legs will be free - so you can run and kick the ball.
Your upper body will be protected by the Zorb Ball
when you fall - or when you "meet" your opponent.

When you're ready to go, you grab the handles inside the Bubble Ball and you're ready to have a "unique experience"! ;) It’s not a problem if you knock the others over – actually, this is the only way to get the ball from the others in this game! This is pure (calorie-burning) entertainment – especially when you see the others falling-rolling over and getting up like nothing happened.

The Aim of Bubble Football (Zorb Football) is the same like “regular football”:
to score as many goals as you can!
Or is it?! Some people might set different goals for themselves:
This might be your chance to knock your mate / boss or colleague over
– without being penalized for it!

In Bubble Football, you don't need to have the best skills to dodge the other players - you just simply knock them over to get the ball. In Bubble Football the best strategy is to knock all your opponents down - and keep them down.

Who Can Play?

Anybody can play Bubble Football!!!
Children, Parents, Adults, Students,
Employees, Bosses.,.

Everyone can play Bubble Football as long as
- you are not pregnant
- you're at least 10 year old
- you have had no operations within the last 12 months
- you don't suffer from neck/back/hips/knee/ankle problems
- you don't suffer from any medical conditions
-you don't wear glasses

If you have any concerns, please seek medical advice first.

If you're over 100kg (15 stones), it's likely to be tight - although it's
more secure to play when you're tight in the Bubble Ball.
If you're unsure whether you fit in it,
please contact us for advice.

How Many Players Can Play?

We have 10 Bubble Balls - so we can play 5-a-side (or 4-a-side) games.
We don't set maximum number of players but we advise not to have more than 20 players for a 1 hour session.

We aim to play 6 Bubble Football Matches during a 1 hour Session - Plus a short extra fun game at the end if we have time for it.

Bubble Football is a very intense game - therefore we advise to have 3 or 4 team (12- 20 players in total), so 1 (or 2) team(s) can rest while the other 2 teams are playing. The best use of time if you have 3 teams (12-15 players).

If we have 3 teams, then each team will play twice against the other 2 teams (6 games during the 1 hour session - 4 games/team). If we have 4 teams, then each team will play once against the other 3 teams (6 games during the 1 hour session - 3 games/team).

Our experience is, that if you have only 2 teams, then the suggested 2-3 minute breaks between each matches tends to expand to 6-8 minute breaks toward the end of the 1 hour session, which is not best use of your time. Also, if you share the cost among the players, the more you are, the less the cost is per person, as we DON'T charge per person, only per session.

(Of course these are just guidelines for the best use of your Bubble Football Session
​- we can always make changes according to your preference).

Is It Only Bubble Football -
Or Do We Play Other Games Too?

We usually play 6 Bubble Football Matches during a 1 hour Session - Plus a short extra fun game at the end if we have time for it.

We had several attempts to include other games too (Bulldog, Generals War etc), but our experience were that these games were "slower paced" compared to Zorb Football (due to less impact). Upon request, we can always play some other games (and we just play 3-4 Zorb Football matches instead of 6)

What Do We Need to Bring With Us?

- Plenty of Water! (Bubble Football is very intense - you'll be very thirsty!!!)
- Clean, Appropriate Sport Shoes (Suitable for Sports Halls / 3G Pitches)
- Sport Clothes / T-Shirt (Wear T-Shirt instead of vest as the harness can be uncomfortable if you wear only vests)

Can We Book Our Own Venue?

Yes! Most of the 3G Football Pitches, Grass Football or Rugby Pitches, Sports Halls of High Schools and Sports Centres meet the requirement for a safe venue for Playing Bubble Football.
So if you can have a deal at your local Football Club or Sports Centre - it's better if you book the venue.
Please visit this page to read more about the requirements for venues to comply.

Can I Get Injured?

Bubble Football is a contact sport, so just like in football there is a risk of injury. However if you listen to our Safe Play Guidelines, you avoid reckless tackles and you have no medical conditions that could be agitated by contact, injuries will be unlikely.

As with many Contact Sports, there is a possibility of injury. Zorb Football is very physical, therefore we do not advise members of the party to play Zorb Football who suffer from the following to participate:
- Neck or Back Problems
- Bone or Joint Problems
- Chest Pains when Excercising
– Any Heart Conditions/ High Blood Pressure
- Any Serious Injury within the Last 12 Months

If any of the above are applicable to yourself and you still decide to participate, then you do so solely at your own risk as we will not be held liable for any injury obtained whilst playing in our zorbs.
We strongly advise you to consult your GP before attending.

Do You Have Insurance?

We hold a £5 Million Public Liability Insurance and a copy can be provided to you (or to your venue) any time - but KEEP IN MIND, this is a Contact Sport! It means, if you get hurt while playing Bubble Football - we are not liable!

If you carefully listen to our Health and Safety Brief before the game and follow our Safe Play Guidelines, you will have a great game and the risk of injuries will be very minimal.



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We are based in Welwyn Garden City – and we offer FREE Delivery within 20 mile radius of Welwyn Garden City. It means we offer our Bubble Football Hire Service in London, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex. We are also happy to travel further away too – please contact us to find out about delivery fees!